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If you’re heading to Rome, you’re going to want to get today’s tip!

Are you planning a trip to Rome, Italy?  If you are, make sure that you purchase your tickets to see the Roman Colosseum ahead of time.  New for 2019, visitors to the Colosseum need to schedule, in advance, their entry time. Head over to their website at https://www.coopculture.it/en/colosseo-e-shop.cfm

My advice is to book your time slot for when they open in the morning, 8:30 AM.  This way, you’ll beat the crowds and the mid-day heat!

Travel and Leisure has a new article titled “Europe’s Most Underrated City Has an Amazing Christmas Market, Over 30 Parks, and Some of the World’s Best Hot Chocolate”.  The article explains how Warsaw, Poland has a FANTASTIC Christmas Markets.  If you love visiting the Christmas Markets in Budapest, Vienna, Prague, or Germany, but hate the crowds, Warsaw may be the PERFECT option for you.

Here’s a link to the Travel and Leisure article – https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/city-vacations/visit-warsaw-poland-europe

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Prague’s Astronomical Clock – standing the test of time

One upon a time, a master clockmaker (known by the name of Master Hanus), built a beautiful astronomical clock in Prague.  The year was 1410. He was highly respected and was asked by representatives of other countries to build an astronomical clock in the main squares of their own important cities, too.  

He pledged to the municipal councilors of Prague that he would not build another clock anywhere else in the world, that Prague would have THE MOST beautiful Astronomical Clock for their own people.  But the councilors did not believe Master Hanus so they blinded him to ensure no other city would enjoy the masterpiece he created for Prague.

Master Hanus was so furious that he took revenge and destroyed the clock by tinkering with the mechanism so that no one would be able to fix the clock…  Well, that’s what legend says. 

Today you can visit this clock, the third oldest astronomical clock in the world, the oldest clock still operating, in Prague, at the historical Old Town Hall.

The Prague Astronomical Clock is a marvelous medieval work of art that’s been running for over 600 years, surviving hundreds of years of wars and destruction.

Every hour, 12 Apostles parade in the windows of the astronomical clock along with figures, most notable Death as a skeleton, striking the time on the outer side of the clock.

You can view the Prague Astronomical Clock when you start or end your Danube River Cruise.  If you start in Budapest and sail towards Germany, be sure to add a few days in Prague after your cruise.  If you start in Germany, fly into Prague and spend a few days there before your river cruise begins. 

Most river cruise lines have pre or post cruise extensions that visit this unique, romantic city… this jewel of Europe, Prague.  

If you prefer to add Prague to your trip on your own, Up Close Travel can help you plot your course.  We can help you plan a vacation that dreams are made of, full of memories to last a lifetime and customized for your unique wants and desires.

If you’d like to learn more about Prague and some travel options that include Prague, please feel free to call us at 305-814-8184 or send us an email here.

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Visiting Amsterdam? Get your Anne Frank Museum tickets in advance

Are you heading to Amsterdam and looking for some great places that are must visits? 

Then make sure to include the Anne Frank Museum in your itinerary. It’s a very emotional experience, but also very educational and humbling.

If you’re taking a tour or a river cruise, or just visiting Amsterdam independently, take a look at your itinerary to see if the Anne Frank house is on your schedule.  There’s a good chance that it’s not included as part of your tour.


If you do plan on visiting the Anne Frank Museum, make sure you get your tickets in advance.  You cannot buy tickets at the museum, they’re only sold online.


Tickets become available exactly 2 months ahead of time.  

80% of tickets are released at the 2 month mark on their website and the remaining 20% are released on that actual day on their website.  

Do not wait. Reserve your tickets ahead of time and get the visiting time slot that you want.


Link to get tickets are below in the description.

If you’ve visited the Anne Frank Museum, drop a comment below and let us know your experience.

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