A River Cruise that’s closer to home

River Cruising is a hugely popular way to travel. Some of the most popular rivers to sail on are the Danube river, the Rhine, the Seine – all in Europe. The Mekong is gaining popularity and the Douro river in Portugal is a gem. But there’s one river a bit closer to home that shouldn’t be overlooked.


On the Mississippi, there are mainly 2 types of cruises you can do – the Upper Mississippi and the Lower Mississippi.  There are probably many more but the main 2 are the upper and the lower.
Upper Mississippi cruises sail between St. Louis, Missouri and St. Paul Minnesota.   Lower Mississippi cruises sail between Memphis, Tennessee and New Orleans, Louisiana.
Some highlights you can expect to experience on a lower Mississippi cruise are:
– The Civil War sites and monuments,
– Majestic mansions and antebellum architecture
– New Orleans jazz and the historic French Quarter
– Sprawling cotton and sugarcane plantations
– Southern Cajun and Creole cuisine, and some good ole Southern barbecue.
And there are plenty of Themed cruises like Plantation Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras on the River, Antebellum South, American River BBQ challenge.
Highlights from the Upper Mississippi river cruises are Mark Twain’s hometown and literary inspirations, scenic river views, American bald eagles, extensive lock-and-dam systems, and charming small-town America.  Themed cruises like Mark Twain’s Mississippi,
The 2 main river cruise lines that sail the Mississippi are American Cruise Lines & American Queen Steamboat Company.  Again, there are several other lines sailing but we’re going to stick to these 2 for now.
American Queen Steamboat Company operate real paddlewheelers.  They have 3 sailing on the Mississippi including the largest steamboat ever built, the American Queen.  Their 3rd river ship, American Countess, starts sailing in 2020.

American Cruise Line has more modern ships and currently have 3 sailing on the Mississippi and a 4th coming in 2020, that’s the American Jazz.

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