U by Uniworld’s fresh new take along the Mekong River

Announcing: U by Uniworld Mekong River journey.  As a new river cruise line that’s set to embark in 2018, U by Uniworld caters to a energetic crowd focusing on a more modern and active itinerary keeping the same luxuries expected from river cruising.

U by Uniworld currently sails the Seine, Rhine, Main, and Danube river.

Their next river cruise will be sailing the Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Sailing on the Mekong river through Vietnam and Cambodia is one of the worlds most humbling and memorable experiences.  The native people you meet along the way lead the simplest way of life, filled with kindness and love.  You’ll learn their unbelievable recent history and witness their ancient culture.

Not much detail has come out other than the river ship will be called The M and it will launch on the Mekong River in 2020/2021.  Stayed tuned for more details.

U by Uniworld was originally created for the 21 to 45 year old traveler.  This has been changed to include all travelers.  Their European sailings are floating hotels with a restaurant, bar, yoga studio, gym, coffee house, rooftop lounge and nightclub all on board.  Read more here.


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